Children’s Classes

The Society has been holding regular classes for teaching the Punjabi language and shabad kirtan to the children. The classes are conducted by professional teachers and trained musicians. . The Gurdwara also provides a platform for children to hold Bhangra and Giddha practice and training there. This has resulted in producing very talented Giddha team, Phulkari, for girls and Pardesi Punjab Bhangra Squad team for boys.

Every year in June, the Maritime Sikh Society participates in the Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival held on the Dartmouth waterfront. A food stall to serve Punjabi delicacies and a heritage craft booth to educate visitors about Sikh traditions and handicrafts are set up at the Festival. Young boys and girls put on a very colorful performance in the cultural program highlighting many ethnic groups in the area.

On the first Sunday in July every year, the Society arranges a picnic to celebrate Canada Day. The Society also liberally donates funds to many humanitarian causes, whether they are in Canada or India