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“Maritime Sikh Society completely supports farmers in India, not because it is a religious issue, which it is not, but because it is the right thing to do.”

The Maritime Sikh Society Fundraising Appeal

Building Expansion 3D Rendered View

The Maritime Sikh Society

The Maritime Sikh Society in the last 52 years has made a tremendous contribution towards the religious, cultural, and social lives of Sikhs in the Maritimes. It is the only Gurdwara for Sikhs east of Montreal. Twice a year, once on Guru Nanak’s birthday in November, and a second time on Baisakhi celebrations in April, the MSS arranges shabad Kirtan of Professional ragis (musicians) from Toronto or elsewhere.

The Maritime Sikh Society is an organization of volunteers. The Society has been holding regular classes for teaching the Punjabi language and shabad kirtan to the children. The Society welcomes people of all communities to the Gurdwara, in keeping with Sikh traditions.

The Maritime Sikh Society has much to be proud of in its continuing support of the cultural, religious and social lives of Sikh residents in the region. In its relatively short history, it has grown into a vibrant community of friends. The new millennium promises even more success for the Society.

Notice Board

Gurdwara Sahib is closed due to COVID 19 and ongoing construction.  We are still short of a million-dollar in the funds required to complete the construction and are having difficult time in raising funds due to current crisis.

Please donate yourself and spread the message to Sikh Sangat including your family and friends to help us achieve fundraising goal so that we can complete the expansion, open the Gurdwara and parkashmaan Guru Granth Sahib again for the devotees to bow their heads and say prayers.

Total construction Budget =1,500,000

Spent so far= 700,000 (out of which 200,000 is still owed to contractors and suppliers)

Funds needed to complete the construction= 1,000,000

Building Fund Donations received in 2020

 January 1st to June 30th =212,262.84


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